Vanguard to Appeal the Board of Appeal’s Decision Regarding Bare Hills Development Plan

Vanguard is disappointed in the Board of Appeal’s denial of the Development Plans for a sustainable, community-centric concept in Bare Hills. Vanguard has filed an appeal of the Board of Appeal’s decision and is seeking judicial review at the Circuit Court for Baltimore County. Vanguard is committed to bringing a vibrant renewal to the property and will patiently pursue the required approvals to that end.

The team at Vanguard sees incredible potential for the development site and the amenities that their property design could provide to the community. They are also grateful for their dedicated supporters who see the potential for a dynamic, multi-use village that offers recreational, living and career opportunities, enhances the area’s sense of community and preserves the surrounding natural environment. Their detailed and thoughtfully deliberate plans for an all-encompassing property to live, work and play offers immeasurable benefits to residents of Baltimore County and beyond. The developers will continue in their efforts to deliver an innovative, multi-use property to the community of Bare Hills.

“While Vanguard is disappointed with the outcome, we are not discouraged,” said Len Weinberg, Principal of Vanguard, “we are grateful for the many supporters of our development initiatives as well as members of the community who are willing to participate in ongoing discussions and provide open and honest feedback.”

The site of the property also includes a variety of shops including The Kellogg Collection, Mary Kay’s Furniture LLC, The Mitre Box, Indulgence 2 and The Falls Road Running Store as well as Hollins Organic Products. These tenants will all remain open until the site is ready for redevelopment. The development team at Bluestem is looking forward to collaborating with their neighbors as they work towards breaking ground on a community-centric property that will serve local residents while protecting the flora and fauna of the nearby Lake Roland Park.

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Bluestem is a proposed mixed-use project that will include retail, dining and a multi-family residential building on six acres at 6241 through 6247 Falls Road in the Bare Hills community. The primary design objective of this development is to promote an interconnected village concept with a distinctive town character.  Bluestem is adjacent to Lake Roland, a tremendous natural resource for the region and a source of shared interest for the surrounding communities. The proposed plan includes a point of entry to the park, meeting the community’s demand for the creation of a mixed-use village with a focus on the park.