Developing a Destination Property in Frederick

What started as a bank tucked away on a secondary road is soon to become a medical marijuana dispensary in Frederick, MD, managed and redeveloped by Vanguard. While the building is currently vacant, the bones of the property offer great potential which can be easily accommodated to suit a business such as a medical dispensary. The lack of frontage on a main road is often seen as a challenge for other businesses, but for a shopping destination such as a dispensary, Vanguard is confident it will be the ideal location.

In order to bring further value to the property, Vanguard will invest in a $500,000 parking lot resurfacing project, and a new roof and HVAC system, which will help provide convenient, accessible and safe parking for the dispensary’s future clients.   

Bradley Glaser, Principal at Vanguard Retail Development, said of the project, “This is a great opportunity for the Frederick community. We’re excited to take this space, which has been vacant for some years, and turn it into something that provides a real benefit.”

Vanguard is excited to bring their company values—honesty, hard work and a commitment to quality projects that endure—to this and all of the projects they currently own. You can learn more about Vanguard’s other projects here.